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Roland KF-90 Digital Piano with stool in Kenley, Surrey for sale

Roland KF-90 Digital Piano with stool

An Uncompromising Instrument While the KF-90’s contemporary look shares little in common with an acoustic grand, in reality, this advanced digital piano is nearly identical in terms of sound and playability. That’s because Roland created the KF-90 using the very latest in digital piano technology. To start, the KF-90 employs Roland’s new PA-5 Progressive Hammer-Action keyboard, giving this digital piano a feel that is both solid and expressive. This exclusive keyboard mechanism is capable of delivering every nuance of a player’s performance, from the sharpest forté to the most delicate pianissimo. Key touch variations can adjust the resistance of the keys, making them progressively heavier as you reach the lower range. A powerful new sound source provides true stereo 64-voice polyphony, which gives the KF-90 the ability to sustain its notes properly during the most complex musical passages, even when using a damper pedal. Roland has also updated the KF-90’s sounds to include the very latest stereo-sampled pianos. Roland’s finest to date, these pianos can even reproduce the resonance created by the hammer striking the string. keys Progressive Hammer Action mechanism TOUCH SENSITIVITY 100 levels KEYBOARD MODE Whole Split (adjustable split point) Layer Arranger Piano Style Arranger Manual Drum/SFX Conforms to GM2/GS MAX. POLYPHONY Stereo 64 voices TONES 9 groups, 608 variations (including 16 drum sets, 1 SFX set) TEMPERAMENT 8 types, selectable tonic STRETCHED TUNING 2 types MASTER TUNINGS 415.3Hz to 466.2Hz (0.1Hz steps) TRANSPOSE Key Transpose (-6 to +5 half-steps) Playback Transpose (-24 to +24 half-steps) EFFECTS Reverb (8 types, stepless level adjustable) Chorus (8 types, 127 levels) Advanced 3D Sympathetic Resonance, Rotary and 45 other types Physical Damper Simulation MUSIC STYLE Internal: 8 groups, 142 styles x 4 types (Style Orchestrator) Music Style Disk: 36 styles PROGRAMMABLE MUSIC STYLES Style Converter Style Composer MELODY INTELLIGENCE 24 types USER PROGRAMS Internal: 36 Disk: Max. 99 sets CONTROL Start/Stop, Intro/Ending (2 types for each style), Sync. Start, Fill-In (Variation/Original), Arranger Reset, Coount Down, Melody Intelligence, Break, Leading Bass, Half Fill-In (Variation/Original) METRONOME Beat: 2/2,0/4,2/4,3/4,4/4,5/4,6/4,7/4,3/8,6/8,9/8,12/8 Volume: 10 levels Pattern: 11 patterns Sounds: 8 types TRACK 5/16 tracks SONG 1 song NOTE STORAGE Approx. 30,000 notes TEMPO Quarter note = 20-250 RESOLUTION 120 ticks per quarter note RECORDING METHOD Realtime (Replace, Mix, Auto Punch In) Manual Punch In, Loop, Tempo Step (on Chord Sequence Mode) Beat Map EDIT Copy, Quantize, Delete, Insert, Erase, Transpose, Part Exchange, Note Edit, PC Edit RHYTHM PATTERN 40 types CONTROL Song Select, Reset, Stop, Play, Rec, Bwd, Fwd, All Song Play, Track Select, Count In, Playback Balance, Marker Set, Repeat, Tempo Mute 3.5 inch micro floppy disk DISK FORMAT 720K bytes (2DD) 1.44M bytes (2HD) SONGS Max. 99 songs NOTE STORAGE Approx. 120,000 notes (2DD) Approx. 240,000 notes (2HD) PLAYABLE SOFTWARE Standard MIDI Files (format 0/1) Roland Original Format (i-format) SAVE Standard MIDI Files (Format 0) Roland Original Format (i-format) RATED POWER OUTPUT 10W x 2 SPEAKERS 10cm x 2, 5cm x 2 DISPLAY Beat Indicator Graphic 320 x 240 dot backlit LCD Language: English/Japanese LYRICS Yes (built-in display, MIDI output) CONTROL Volume, Brilliance, Reverb, Balance, Microphone Volume ONE TOUCH PLAY One Touch Piano, One Touch Arranger VOCAL EFFECTS Echo Voice Transformer Harmonist OTHER FUNCTIONS Style Navigator, Tone Navigator, Composer Navigator, Piano Master, Score, Audition, Panel Lock CONNECTORS Output jacks (L/Mono, R) Input jacks (L/Mono, R) Microphone jack Headphone jack (stereo) MIDI In connector MIDI Out connector Computer connector Pedal jacks (Damper, Sostenuto, Soft) POWER SUPPLY AC 117V / 230V / 240V POWER CONSUMPTION 38W DIMENSIONS (WITHOUT THE MUSIC REST) Piano (KF-90): 1321(W) x 421(D) x 136(H) mm 52-1/16(W) x 16-5/8(D) x 5/-3/8(H) inches Stand (FPS-9: Sold separately): 1258(W) x 390(D) x 639(H) mm 49-9/16(W) x 15-3/8(D) x 25-3/16(H) inches Total: 1321(W) x 421(D) x 774(H) mm 52-1/16(W) x 16-5/8(D) x 30-1/2(H) inches WEIGHTS (WITHOUT THE MUSIC REST) Piano (KF-90): 30kg / 66lbs 3oz Stand (FPS-9: Sold separately): 9.1kg / 20lbs 1oz Total: 39.1kg / 86lbs 4oz